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Is it about time you had your Camper Trailer serviced?
Book a Service with us.


How should you care for your Kanga Camper Trailer?
  1. Pre-journey inspection
  2. Maintenance & Servicing of your Camper
  3. Tent Care
  4. Storage
The information below is a list to act as a reminder of items that should be checked prior to your journey. These pointers should help you take care of your Kanga Camper Trailer.

Remember: We offer a service facility for your Camper Trailer. Book a Service with us.

Please Note: The above pointers are there to act as a reminder of items to check prior to your journey. Kanga Camper Trailers cannot be held responsible or liable for any work that has been undertaken outside of the Kanga Camper premises. For verification please contact us.