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We have added this new section that we feel you will find useful and help you in many different ways.

'Kanga Care' provides information on how to care for your Kanga Camper. Topics will include:-

  1. Pre-journey inspection
  2. Maintenance & Servicing of your Camper
  3. Tent Care
  4. Storage

'Camping Spots' is where we would like your involvement and we expect this page to develop over a period of time. We would like you to suggest an ideal camping spot. It may be somewhere that is off the beaten track, or has a good pub, or has plenty of space to relax or has facilties that caters for the kids. What made you camp in that spot and are you willing to share it?

We will review and acknowledge your contribution on the our site. Contact Us with your suggestions.

'Links' displays a list of links to businesses that have been involved with Kanga Campers over the years. These businesses have built a sound professional relationship with Kanga Camper Trailers and coud benefit you too.