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Kanga Camper Trailers

Kanga Camper Trailers providing you with a camping lifestyle like no other!

Kanga Camper Trailers only use quality materials in all of our camper trailers that provides longevity, exceptional durability, reliability and comfort.

Each trailer is Australian made at our Wodonga factory and we believe so much in our product that we provide Two Years FREE Warranty with each model sold.

Our team at Kanga Camper Trailers have the required skills and know-how but most importantly have a passion about the camper trailers we build offering you a quality camper and of course...a lifestyle!

Our customers think so too!

This camper trailer is packed full with functionality and comfort and offers several optional extras to the standard trailer design. The Wallaby camper trailer is easy to use and can be set up in minutes at your destination making the most of your camping lifestyle.

A special feature of this popular camper is the HARD ROOF! Yes, a hard roof and also offers several trailer and tent options providing the comfort your lifestyle demands. The Big Red camper design offers easy 'set up' and is our most popular camper trailer.

The HARD ROOF is a truly special feature on this tray camper and also boasts a seven foot tent area, this camper also offers many optional extras. The camping unit and is detachable from the tray making this the ideal trayback camping unit.